Natural Baby Pros Spotlight 2011

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I believe that bringing a child onto this planet is the most awe-inspiring commitment that any one human can share with another. I believe that providing a woman with knowledge and support can elevate her birthing experience to a level she may not have realized was possible. Birth is a most individual and precious moment that is shared with the people by her side. It can be the most empowering experience in a woman’s life. I strongly believe that what happens to us and our children at the beginning of life, directly affects our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, as well as our impact on society, throughout the rest of our lives.

My name is Jo Kilburn. I live in North Berwick, Maine. I have 35 plus years of childbirth experience and have attended and assisted over 350 births in hospitals, birth centers and homes. These experiences have confirmed my belief in the importance of undisturbed birth and the need for full support by all involved. My certifications include DONA (Doulas of North America), HypnoBirthing CCE, Member of CIMS, Advisor for San Diego Birth Network and administrator for Seacoast Birth Network, a FaceBook page for woman and their families and professional and independent practitioners who support the normalcy of birth.

I wholeheartedly endorse the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by the DONA organization. I have studied HypnoBirthing and bring my strength, integrity and experience to each couple I have the privilege to work with.